SMART Digital Marketing System
scaled, manageable, affordable, realistic, targeted

 The SMART Digital Marketing System is designed to empower small businesses and organizations without dedicated marketing departments to build and maintain effective communication channels (website, social media, email marketing, earned media) that consistently connect to customers, community and the media. Full-service or DIY options are available. Each option contains the following steps:

  1. Marketing Asset Inventory. What existing assets does your business have to build and tell a better business story? What operational considerations need to be addressed? What are the company goals in relation to assets and operational capacity?
  2. Industry-Specific Market Research. One size or approach does not fit all when it comes to digital marketing. Where and how will your marketing strategy be most effective?
  3. Strategic Marketing Plan. Putting the marketing assets, operational considerations and research together into a cohesive strategy that can meet company goals is the only way to create a successful marketing effort.
  4. Execution Work Plan. How and when will the necessary changes and content delivery get done? A timeline of tasks and responsibilities is created to make sure the plan is executed as written.
  5. Measurement & Review. How will you know the strategy is working? By measuring results regularly and reviewing necessary changes to stay on track.
  6. Training and Follow-Up. How will the company maintain and grow with the system? Proper training and follow-up keeps the system running efficiently.

Let KLCreative Media build a customized system based on the above process for your company! Here are fees associated with full-service or DIY options.

FULL SERVICE (Delivery system & content for website, social media, email marketing, earned media)

  1. Consultation FREE
  2. Assessment $150 (waived with purchase of 3-6 month package)
  3. Plan Development
  4. Site Set-ups or Revisions
  5. Plan Execution
  6. Measurement/Review/Training
  7. Follow-up Coaching

Packages run $400-1200 per month. Menu of services by the hour.

ONLINE OPTION (System + coaching for content development & delivery)

  1. FREE Marketing Assets Assessment
  2. In-Depth Marketing Assets Inventory
  3. Market Research Checklist
  4. Strategic Digital Marketing Plan Worksheet
  5. Site Set-up Worksheet
  6. Measure & Review Worksheet
  7. Accountability Follow-ups

Packages are a one-time fee ranging from $150-1000. Coaching sessions included, extra sessions available by the hour.