Social Media 101: Making Social Media Work for Small Business 7/19/16
Tuesday Talks, Ocala/Marion Chamber and Economic Partnership

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Social Media Inventory & Action Plan 

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Beyond the Stories We Tell
Waking to a New Reality Writing Workshop 4/24/16


Always willing to explore the options. (Karen)
Valerie is a work in progress.
Always questions, is unique and loving. (Rae)
Always has fun following the energy. (Gina)
Fun loving real exciting fabulous authentic. (Beth)
Everything is awesome so just BE. (Rachel)
Seeking my truth walking towards light. (Sharmila)
Survives and transforms through change. (Chanda)
A working artistic expression of myself.
Let’s do this fun thing now. (Sush)

Six Word Memoir

Rewriting Your Story Monster Exercise Exercise

Pennebaker Writing Prompt

Talk, Self-Talk and the Cognitive Unconscious
the role of language in manifesting your desires 2/21/16


The “Because” Exercise

Exercises for Exposing Limiting Thoughts,Words, & Beliefs