Social Media Marketing Simplified: SMART Marketing for Small Business

Finally a SMART social media marketing system that works for small business.

At times, leveling the social media marketing playing field can seem impossible for small businesses. With the proliferation of social media sites, paid advertising on social media channels and automated digital marketing systems geared for larger businesses, small business owners often feel overwhelmed by ever-changing digital trends and the idea they have to compete with slick social media campaigns.

In 2016 KLCreative unveiled a simplified digital marketing system called SMART that is designed just for small businesses. This easily customized system is based on the SMART Marketing Manifesto, a small business affirmation that reminds every small business owner of their existing social media marketing assets and helps them maximize those resources within operational and financial constraints a small business can present. SMART is a perspective shift and a system-based way for small business to stay in the social media marketing game without breaking the bank or trying to do it all.

The SMART Digital/Social Media Marketing Manifesto
scaled. meaningful. affordable. realistic. targeted.

  1. I have what I need to market my business online.
    • My entrepreneurial personality, drive and imagination
    • My personal and professional history
    • My friends, family and business associates
    • My customers
    • My employees
    • My products/services
    • My ability to be flexible and resourceful
  2. One size does not fit all when it comes to digital marketing strategies. I can take what I know about myself and my business to SCALE proven strategies to create marketing methods that work for me.
  3. Using free and low-cost tools, I CAN create a MANAGEABLE digital marketing system that showcases my existing assets and resources without adding undue frustration to running my business.
  4. I know WHO my customers and potential customers are and am willing to take my message to them WHERE they are.
  5. Change is inevitable, especially in the digital world. I am willing to take the time to build a strong marketing foundation that is easy to adjust when changes roll around.
  6. Advice is everywhere on the Internet, but no one knows my business like I do.  I will periodically review trends, but will ALWAYS trust my instincts, make a plan, stick with it (for a reasonable amount of time!) and measure results.

You have what you need to market your business online!  Join us in 2016 for a smarter approach to integrating social media tasks into your business operations.

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