Social Media Marketing SOS: What’s the Message in Your Bottle?

Admit it, as distracted and “over-sold” to as we are in our own lives, finding just the right ways to engage with our customers, particularly in building a social media marketing strategy, can feel a lot like launching a message in bottle.

I know in my own business, I sometimes sit back and observe clients, friends and family members who just can’t seem to stay on top of any of the details of their lives. Coworkers that are unable to meet the simplest deadlines. Constant rescheduling, missed appointments or an inability to get through to someone even though they always have their phones within arm’s reach. It’s an epidemic, and most people’s energy seems stretched beyond the demands of just getting through the day. I certainly don’t want to add to the crankiness and distress by flooding their social media channels with a hard sell for my services. They have enough companies doing that already, why would mine make an impression?

In these distracted days overloaded with way too much information bombarding us from all directions, finding the right social media marketing strategy is all about value. What kind of value is the message in your bottle bringing to your potential customers? How will it solve a problem for them? Weaving your value position throughout your social media content is more important than ever.  Here are five essential aspects of creating a message with value :

1.      Know yourself and your product—if you are constantly switching messages no one will see any of them. Stick with a few simple concepts to precisely describe what you offer.

2.      Know your customers and where they are online—sending a message out into an ocean of people who are NOT your ideal customers is a supreme time-waster for small business, even if you think it’s the coolest message EVER. If your demographic is not on Instagram, why are you?

3.      Know your customers’ influencers—what tips the scale for them in making buying decisions? Friends, authority figures, celebrities, other business owners, local movers and shakers?  Use your customers’ influencers to get their attention.

4.      Solve a problem—entertaining or not, if your social media marketing doesn’t solve a problem for your customers, why would they buy?  Identify the problem you are solving for them right off the bat and repeat it in new and interesting ways.

5.      Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes getting even short-term perspective from a professional or other business owners can make a huge difference in getting your social media marketing campaign on track. As a small business owner you have your hands full running your business. Don’t expect yourself to be an expert marketer without help!

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