“Better Business Story” Building Blocks
Monthly Subscription Packages

KLCreative Media services are designed to empower small businesses and organizations to build and maintain effective communication channels (website, social media, email marketing, earned media) with the goal of consistently connecting to customers, community, and the media. Services are delivered via affordable monthly subscription packages customized for each client. Discounts for multi-channel contracts available.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT & MAINTENANCE BLOCK – Pricing depends on posting frequency and number of channels. Starts at $250 per month, 3-month minimum.

Basic Social Media Subscription ($250 per month) includes:

  • Annual Channel Refresh – Do a general housecleaning on all digital channels to update text and images.
  • Quarterly Competition & Analytics Review – Do a review of the competition, channel analytics, search rankings, and general industry trends. Make recommendations for any necessary changes to meet client goals.
  • Social Media Content Strategy & Weekly Content – Develop a content plan for the business, make recommendations for client content, and schedule a minimum of 3 posts to social media weekly that support client content and drive new audiences to the social site.

EMAIL MARKETING – Pricing depends on frequency. Starts at $250 per month, 3-month minimum.

Basic Email Marketing Subscription ($250 per month) includes: 

  • Research – Conduct industry research and review the existing email marketing program.
  • Planning – Work with client to develop and implement a personalized email strategy.
  • Monthly Campaign – Collect content, create, and distribute a monthly campaign as approved by client.
  • Mailing List & Content Growth – Help monitor and grow mailing list. Make recommendations for promotions and methods for collecting emails. Review analytics and discuss content effectiveness with client. Make recommendations and implement approved changes.

BLOG CONTENT – Develop and write blog content. Starts at $250 per month, 3-month minimum. Discounts available for multiple blog post contracts.

EARNED MEDIA – Monthly media releases. Starts at $200 per month, 3-month minimum.

WEBSITE UPDATING + SOCIAL MEDIA BLOCK –   Monthly updates of website content (provided by client), social media block as listed above, and routine maintenance of all digital channels. Starts at $300 per month, 3-month minimum.