KLCreative Media offers a series of talks, workshops, and training sessions for entrepreneurs looking to build a more effective digital marketing system and for individuals interested in using writing and a better understanding of language to change their lives.

Interactive Workshops: 50-90 minutes

 Social Media 101: Making Social Media Work for Small Business

All small business owners know that maintaining a social media presence can make or break their success, but the realities of running a business and staying current with social media trends can be a major challenge. This session offers a simplified, system-based approach to digital marketing tasks. Attendees will learn how to identify and leverage existing marketing assets into social media success, and will take home tips for researching and developing manageable social media strategies and compelling content that builds online visibility, engagement and ultimately increased sales.

Written Identity

In today’s fast-paced information marketplace, the solidarity of words and images matters more than ever. What are your words communicating about your company’s products, services and – more importantly – personality and values to potential customers and clients?  This session will lead participants through understanding the impact of words in a brand identity system, provide exercises for honing the business message into taglines, hooks, and promotional copy, and discuss business writing and speaking that inspires action.

Time-Saving Tools for Content Development

Generating compelling content for the social media and email portions of a marketing plan can often seem like trying to fill a bottomless pit. Luckily there are a myriad of strategies and FREE tools available to help busy small business owners keep campaigns fresh. This session will cover ways to build an effective content marketing plan without breaking the bank (or your patience!). Participants will walk away with faster, more effective ways to make content marketing work for their businesses.

Big Ideas on a Small Budget

Marketing your small business on a tight budget can seem daunting, however today’s competitive online environment generates a wide range of free and low-cost opportunities for any business to launch and sustain brand visibility. This session will outline key strategies, present special tools and most importantly, help attendees rethink ways they can squeeze big marketing ideas out of a small marketing budget.

Personalized Business Resource Sessions
Speed Assessment + 30 minute consultation, FREE
Full business assessment and 90 minute consultation, $150

Customized One-on-One Training, $50 an hour
Digital Marketing Research and Planning
Social Media Set-up and Post Scheduling
Content Creation/Curation
Website Content Maintenance
Email Marketing
Earned (FREE) Media Development
Customized Digital Marketing Systems

Writing & Self-Help Workshops

Beyond the Stories We Tell: Waking to a New Reality Writing Workshop
Workshop participants will receive a short presentation about how the stories we tell about our personal history (internally and externally) actually shape our reality, and highlighting the power we have to rewrite those stories to create the life we want to live. Attendees will be offered several exercises aimed at using writing to become the hero of their own tale.

Talk, Self-Talk and the Cognitive Unconscious: The Role of Language in Manifesting Our Desires
We all know that language matters in effective communications of all types, but what role does it have in manifesting what we most desire in life? We THINK we know and say what we want to happen, but are we aware of ALL the messages we may be communicating to the universe? This interactive workshop will help participants uncover thoughts and words that create roadblocks to manifesting their true desires, and provide exercises to help rewrite those mental and verbal messages with clear purpose and truth.